Exporting Your Files Correctly

- Export only WAV or AIFF files in 16/24 Bits and 44.1-28kHz resolution.

- Render tracks from the start of the session.

- Include a rough mix.

Pro tools

1. Choose File > Save Copy In

2. Check off “All Audio Files” and “Session Plug-In Settings Folder”. Hit “OK."

3. Select a location and click save.

4.Compress the resulting folder.


1. Click on File > Export > All Tracks as Audio Files.

2.Check “New Folder” and “Bypass effect plug-ins” to save the dry files in one folder.

3. Select sample rate and bit depth.

4.Click the save button to export.

5.In the session folder, compress the “bounces” folder with the generated files in them.


1. Use the Loop Start/Punch-in Point to select the entire length of your song.

2.Bypass all effects/plugins for all tracks.

3.Choose File > Export Audio/Video.

4.Choose "Individual Tracks".

5.Select sample rate and bit depth.

6.Click Export and choose a destination folder.


1.On the mixer, mute all unused tracks and turn off all effects.

2.Click File > Export, .wav file and make sure that 44.1k or 48k is selected.

3.Choose destination folder

4.Check “Split by mixer track” and click Export.

5.Compress the resulting folder.


1.Set up the Left and Right locators at the start and end of what you want exported.

2.Solo an individual channel while bypassing the effects.

3.Select File > Export Loop As Audio File.

4. Create a new folder and hit Save, then select sample rate and bit depth.

5.Repeat 2-4 for all separate tracks.

6.Compress resulting folder.

Garage Band

1.Disable all plugins and volume automation.

2.Solo the first track and select “Export Song to Disk” from the Share pull-down menu.

3.Make sure that the Compress box is left unchecked.

4.Select sample rate and bit depth

5.Name the file according to the solo track’s contents.

6.Repeat steps 2-5 until all tracks are exported.